The three-part series at a glance
November 1, 2007, 5:20 pm
Filed under: Poverty & Race

Derek Gee/Buffalo News

Damien Littleton, age 3, rides his bike past an abandoned home on Northumberland Street.

Buffalo is one of the poorest cities in the country. Many children here are living in such desperate, all-encompassing poverty that the American Dream for them has all but vanished.

The Buffalo News has done in-depth, first-hand research into this problem.

In a three-part series beginning Sunday, you’ll meet kids who lack food, clothes for school, parents, and role models. You’ll see why that matters to them — and to all of us.

On Day One, “Dreams Denied,” we’ll explore the ways in which the American Dream has disappeared for today’s poor city children. On Day Two, we’ll look closely at what life is like for one poor boy, growing up in a family that faces overwhelming struggles every day. And, on the final day, we’ll examine an inner-city school where poor kids are helped to escape poverty by caring teachers and principals.

Accompanying the series on the Web will be two audio slideshows. One details the vital help provided by the South Buffalo Food Pantry; the other looks at one poor family. In addition, photographer Derek Gee takes you on a tour of some poverty-stricken neighborhoods.