No Borders Camp, November 2007, Calexico/Mexicali

Toward the Camp

In a short time, from November 5-11, 2007, humans from many places will come together for a No Borders Camp on the US/Mexico borderline. We invite you to join us. But, what does that mean? Well, bring your tent, some water and some food. We’ll have some of these basic necessities but it’s good to be prepared. Bring your heart and your ideas for creating a world that you would like to live in. Come with the hope that we can redefine how we resist.

This camp does not serve to replace community organizing but instead to act as a space where we can come together and learn more about how the border and its widespread institutional effects exist in every place of our lives. This is a space to do more than act against it [though the camp itself is such an action]. It is for us to begin to make habit of creating our own world without borders, without capitalism. The organizers don’t have the magical answer for what that autonomy looks like but we are invested in continuing to take steps towards building this with all of you.

Everyday the system of the border grows and changes and emboldens itself. This November, we offer a space for action and conversation. This is not a conference. It will not be highly structured or controlled. We hope that you will bring from your community the most pressing issues for discussion. In addition, we are not interested in a conventional or traditional dialogue incorporating lobbying or legislative strategies. Plenty of time and organizing has been, and will continue to be, spent on this.

Instead, we would like to see not only creative initiation of conversations but communication focused on radical and alternative ideas for confronting the current border regime. The No Borders Camp is in a tradition of gatherings each molded to fit its space and time. It offers a space to accomplish many goals, specifically to act against the border military-industrial complex, to call out the institutions that cause death and destruction in peoples’ lives and livelihoods, to come together with our compas who live in Mexico and together create a space – an autonomous space – where, for a series of moments, the border does not exist. Again, we invite you to join us.



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